Autodesk’s Dara Treseder on the increase of the ‘intention economy’

When Elon Musk, Karlie Kloss, Travis Kelce, and a who’s-who of media, branding, and tech execs all converge, there’s plenty of excitement. From the Cannes Lions pageant in the south of France, Autodesk’s Dara Treseder talks about the critical themes, lessons, and intrigue that emerged. She points out why AI and women’s sports activities dominated much of the conversation, how the interest overall economy is providing way to the ‘intention economy’, and why influencers do not want you contacting them “influencers” any more. 

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A Cannes Lions Primer

You&#8217re coming to us from the South of France—the iconic Riviera resort city of Cannes. And each calendar year at this time, 1000’s of business enterprise executives converge for the Cannes Lions Competition of Creativity. 

Absolutely. It&#8217s been fairly an impactful Cannes this yr.

Can you clarify to people who may be unfamiliar what Cannes Lions is, why people today appear, and possibly why you&#8217re there this 12 months?

Cannes Lions is the premier function for marketers, advertisers, media gurus, and models. Everyone’s right here. A portion of why we&#8217re listed here is actually mainly because a lot of our shoppers are right here. A lot of the advertisements and strategies that are profitable Cannes Lions awards this yr were being designed and built with Autodesk software program.

Headlines from Cannes Lions 2024

Just one of the lessons I always test to glean from Cannes is form of where by the field is shifting. Is there everything new that&#8217s jumped out to you this 12 months? 

NVIDIA executives are here this yr. So we are viewing that engineering businesses are continuing to be a dominant pressure at this festival.

What is appealing this calendar year and a minimal different—Stagwell, the holding corporation of a bunch of media agencies, they have a really huge sports seashore. Women’s sports activities have seriously been acquiring a motion. Deep Blue did an activation with Axios celebrating the accomplishments that ladies are possessing. This is these types of a exceptional time where the audience is there for women’s sports, correct? If you are a media or promotion govt, the way you&#8217re on the lookout at ladies&#8217s athletics is distinct than how you were being wanting at it a several a long time back. So that is a single of the large improvements that we&#8217re looking at on La Croisette this yr. 

Just one of the points the organizers did in another way this yr is there&#8217s a creators’ keep track of at Cannes. I mean, creators have been coming to Cannes for many years. Does this necessarily mean that that the creator financial state has a distinctive location now, the way brand names strategize about in which the puck is headed? Or is this acknowledging wherever the puck previously is?

I consider it&#8217s acknowledging the place the puck by now is. But it&#8217s also signaling an evolution in the technique. So it&#8217s been intriguing since this 12 months I haven&#8217t definitely listened to persons speak about influencers. I&#8217ve heard individuals talk about creators, and it&#8217s mainly because a good deal of the creators are indicating, “I&#8217m not an influencer. I&#8217m a creator. I&#8217m a written content creator.” And so the dynamics between manufacturers and these creators has progressed. Gone are the times exactly where models decide what you&#8217re likely to say and you just write-up it. Now, makes arrive to you with the issue they’re seeking to deal with. You actually assist condition what that technique is, and you companion in the generation of that information. And so I assume aspect of what you&#8217re looking at with that creator monitor is the acknowledgement of the ability dynamics and the shift that&#8217s taking place involving model and creators. 

The other side of Cannes is that there are also these really unique gatherings. There are parties and dinners that everyone&#8217s seeking to get into. Wherever&#8217s the spot that people preferred to be this yr?

MediaLink had their superb event that they have been web hosting each individual yr. Lenny Kravitz was there. It was an exceptional event. You get to fulfill and interact with so a lot of excellent folks. I ran into my pal, Kelly Campbell, the CEO of Peacock. And then Delta hosted a excellent lunch —- Karlie Kloss, a mate of mine was there. She was talking and sharing insights. I imagine what is highly effective and attractive about this is not so considerably who receives invited to what, but extra, how do we all arrive with each other as a local community to celebrate the tradition, celebrate creativeness, and construct interactions that previous for a long time.

The advert earth tackles AI

Now, there are official panels at the Palais and then there are other phases everywhere you go at the beach locations, at the accommodations. From in this article, some of the greatest buzz that&#8217s coming back again is about Elon Musk striving to woo advertisers back to X following dropping the F bomb on them. Is that what men and women there are talking about or is that just what&#8217s coming back in this article?

I imply, if Elon does a thing, it&#8217s likely to be talked about, suitable? So it&#8217s surely one of the points getting talked about, but truly I would say if there was a winner in this article this calendar year at Cannes, it was AI. Absolutely everyone is talking about —  how can I improve the prospect with AI? How can I make positive that I do not get left behind? Very last year AI was unquestionably a buzzword. But this calendar year, leaders have arrived with concrete examples of how their groups are applying AI into the operate that they do. At Autodesk, we surveyed all of the distinctive industries that we serve, and we identified that nearly 50 percent of employers are declaring the top skill they&#8217re choosing for around the upcoming 3 many years is the potential to do the job with AI and I noticed that at play at Cannes.

What is the equilibrium amongst the enjoyment about AI and anxiety? 

So I believe that things are commencing to actually change away from concern and the Worry Zone and into what I would call the ‘Learning Zone’. People today are recognizing it&#8217s not about AI getting my job, but it&#8217s about anyone applying AI taking my career. So how do I make sure that I&#8217m proficient? How do I make confident that I have an understanding of how to employ this new engineering? So we are viewing that shift from concern to trust now. Is the shift comprehensive? No. We&#8217re extremely substantially in the eye of the storm. 

Crucial takeaways from the pageant

So you&#8217re traveling back tomorrow morning, again to the regular grind of being at the workplace. What are the classes that you&#8217re using back again with you this 12 months? Or are there issues you will double-down on because of what you’ve read?

I&#8217m likely to proceed doubling-down on inventive efficiency. This year was exciting. 2016 was the year that Cannes observed the most awards submissions. In 2024, award submissions ended up down 38% to 2016. That is taking place mainly because items have developed. It&#8217s no extended about inventive for the sake of innovative. The creative has to function, the innovative has to travel effects. If you&#8217re not acquiring results, you&#8217re not profitable awards. That has normally been my mantra —- clearly show me the ROMI: present me the Return On Promoting Investment. 

There was a issue in which almost everything was about creativeness and no a single truly adopted what was happening with the final result. And then it flipped to: tweak the technological levers, and use the right details and you can get the outcome. And it pretty much appeared like the creativity didn&#8217t make a difference. And what I&#8217m hearing you say is we&#8217re at last acknowledging you’ve received to pull these two factors alongside one another to seriously get the bang out of it. 

The artwork and the science have to occur collectively. The magic takes place at the intersection of both of those. A single of the ads that I assumed checked a good deal of the packing containers was Orange’s women&#8217s gender bias in soccer advert. That advertisement gained the Amusement for Activity Grand Prix. And it was remarkable due to the fact it was ownable, appropriate? It was unforgettable, and it was related. So that&#8217s excellent innovative that drove incredible success. And they had a obvious tale arc, and storytelling matters. At the conclude of the working day, a single of the issues I believe is most wonderful about lifetime is the story. Advertising and marketing goes again to our roots, telling persuasive tales. That&#8217s how we become a dependable lover to our clients. As opposed to just hoping to interrupt them with a assortment of advertisements. We’re getting back to fundamentals and technological innovation is aiding us do that in additional ground breaking methods than we&#8217ve accomplished ahead of.

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