7 practical, daily AI newsletters for beginners and pros alike

The irony of leveraging human curation to make sense of the nonstop deluge of AI advancements is not lost on me, but here we are. These excellent AI newsletters are produced by living, breathing experts adept at separating the artificially intelligent wheat from the chaff. 

Whether you’re a beginner just dipping your toe into the world of AI or a seasoned professional looking to keep the good times rolling, curated newsletters can be an invaluable resource. Here are seven daily digests that offer a convenient way to stay informed about the latest trends, research, and applications in AI, all delivered straight to your inbox.

Superhuman AI

Boasting more than 700,000 readers, Superhuman AI sports a masterful mix of industry news, tutorials, prompt ideas, productivity tools, and a whole lot more. It’s as close to a one-stop-shop of an AI newsletter as it gets.

The Rundown

With more than 600,000 readers, The Rundown has a little something for everyone. Promising to teach you about AI in five minutes each day, there’s a good mix of news and tools on offer (peruse the archive here).

Tech n Trendz

Tech n Trendz is a daily Substack newsletter that features hands-on reviews of AI tools with a dash of AI news for good measure. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest AI tech to try out yourself, this is a great option.


TLDR AI is a daily newsletter (see a recent edition here) that covers news, research, resources, and other topics. Most entries are marked by how long the corresponding article will take you to read or video to watch—helpful for deciding if you’ve only got time to skim or are looking to dive more deeply.

Ben’s Bites

More than 100,000 subscribers strong, Ben’s Bites is a popular daily newsletter that covers AI news and tools in an easily digestible format—take a peek at the archive here. You’ll be treated to a curated list of important developments in the AI world, written concisely to cover the story itself, what it means in context, and why you should care about it.


Get caught up with the latest AI news quickly and learn about cutting-edge tools with Mindstream, a scannable yet thorough newsletter that’s good at breaking down complex topics and spotlighting trending innovations that are worth keeping an eye on.

Superpower Daily

Sometimes less is more: Superpower Daily does a great job of delivering the day’s top AI headlines, highlighting a handful of helpful tools, and sprinkling in a short but sweet collection of additional resources without overloading you with a bunch of extra fluff. If you’re too busy for newsletters, this is your newsletter.

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