Mexico Election Results: Live Updates

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The first preliminary results are expected after 10 p.m. Eastern. Read the latest on what’s happening here.

Candidate Party/Coalition Votes



Morena and Allies 0 0.0%
Strength and Heart for Mexico 0 0.0
Citizens’ Movement 0 0.0

Note: Vote counts and vote share percentages are preliminary. These numbers may differ from the final results released by the National Electoral Institute starting on June 5.

Mexico is poised for a landmark election on June 2, with historic implications for the nation’s political landscape. For the first time, Mexico will elect a female president, with the top two candidates being women. This will be the largest election in Mexico’s history, with nearly 99 million voters casting ballots for more than 20,000 local, state and congressional posts, as well as the presidency.

On election night, preliminary results will be provided in real time. The vote counts that determine the final result will take place from June 5 to June 8.

As Mexico heads to the polls, voters are deeply concerned about rising cartel violence, which has emerged as a top election issue. Despite some efforts, the current government has struggled to curb the rampant killings, disappearances and extortion that plague the country. This year’s election season has been particularly bloody, with dozens of mayoral candidates and local officials killed.

Meet the major candidates

Claudia Sheinbaum

A scientist and former mayor of Mexico City who has pledged to continue President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s agenda. She has vowed to consolidate some of the current president’s major infrastructure projects, carry out his austerity measures and preserve his social welfare programs.


Morena and Party Allies

Xóchitl Gálvez

A former senator and outspoken tech entrepreneur who has often adhered to progressive politics. She has vowed to return checks and balances to the government and demilitarize the country. The coalition backing her is made up of the formerly rival parties P.R.I., P.A.N. and P.R.D., who many voters see as responsible for Mexico’s legacy of corruption.


Strength and Heart for Mexico

Jorge Álvarez Máynez

The youngest of all three candidates, he has pitched himself as a third-party alternative to Ms. Sheinbaum and Ms. Gálvez. He has voiced his support for progressive policies, such as demilitarizing public security, protecting abortion rights and decriminalizing cannabis.


Citizens’ Movement

Corruption remains another critical concern. Public institutions continue to lack transparency, and both federal and state governments have weakened key anti corruption agencies by slashing their budgets and reducing their autonomy.

Results by State

The table below shows preliminary results from the June 2 election in each state grouped by the winner of the last general election. In 2018, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s Morena party won by a margin 15 percentage points or more in 25 out of 32 states and only lost the state of Guanajuato.

States where Morena won by 15 percentage points or more in 2018

States where Morena won by 15 percentage points or more in 2018

State Leader margin % In
Baja California 0%
Baja California Sur 0%
Campeche 0%
Coahuila 0%
Colima 0%
Chiapas 0%
Mexico City 0%
Durango 0%
Guerrero 0%
Hidalgo 0%
México 0%
Michoacán 0%
Morelos 0%
Nayarit 0%
Oaxaca 0%
Puebla 0%
Quintana Roo 0%
San Luis Potosí 0%
Sinaloa 0%
Sonora 0%
Tabasco 0%
Tamaulipas 0%
Tlaxcala 0%
Veracruz 0%
Zacatecas 0%

Where Morena won by a smaller margin

Where Morena won by a smaller margin

State Leader margin % In
Aguascalientes 0%
Chihuahua 0%
Jalisco 0%
Nuevo León 0%
Querétaro 0%
Yucatán 0%

Where Morena lost

Where Morena lost

State Leader margin % In
Guanajuato 0%

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